What I Am Working On~Wednesday

In my last post I had mentioned there was a lot of things happening with our family. One of those big things going on is another wedding in August! Our oldest will be getting married to a sweet girl we love and adore. I am trying to help out with as much as they need me to. I am always considered the "crafty one" in the bunch so I am working on cupcake trays for the reception. I have been scouring thrift store for candlesticks and plates and trays that I can glue together and use for trays.

Thrift Store Trays
 The other thing I am working on right now is a backdrop that will hang from the screens at the front of the church. I have almost finished one and will hopefully get the second one done before the wedding! It is an easy project, just time consuming. But it gives me something to keep my hands busy at night. I am using cotton crochet thread and waxed paper. You can make it any size in width and length that you need. I am just cutting circles in the paper and then a slit halfway through. Then you wrap it around the string and tape it up. It is really pretty and thankfully doesn't have to be perfect! I thankfully learned ahead of time not to let the finished lines crossed too much, otherwise you end up working an extra hour on getting them untwisted!

What are you working on today?

Renee~Lake house Farmgirl

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