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Time can be a funny thing, especially as we age. I remember in elementary school when three months summer break was a lifetime. My last post here was in September, just a little over five short months ago. In that short period of time we sold the farm, and had the deal fall out from under us, only after getting rid of all my beloved animals because we were moving, I shut down our home daycare and on top of all of that our oldest daughter got engaged AND married.  I feel like I've lived a lifetime in less than six months, but life moves on. We are still waiting to sell our farm a second time. Thankfully the deal on our lake home is still on, but I am in limbo. Usually this time of the year includes scheduling shearing for the goats and alpacas, ordering meat birds, ordering seeds for the garden and getting them started and ready for the greenhouse, getting ready for the farmers market and the list goes on.
A Time For Everything "There is a time for everything, and a season fo…