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The Big One!!!

It's on the way!!!  Depending on the station here in Mid-Michigan they are saying anywhere between 8-14" with some saying 20" inches or more!  This could be the biggest we have seen in years.  I went to Meijers tonight to stock up on the only thing that a mother-of-five thinks about at times like this...toilet paper!  I came home with 144 rolls, that should make it to the weekend LOL!  The stores were complete chaos tonight everyone stocking up.  In the middle of my "long winter break-down"  I have to admit, I am excited.  A good snow storm will always do that.  I am concerned with the animals, especially our three little "kids" (goats), but Hubby assures me they will be fine.

They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the picture quality, it came from my phone!  Would you believe we drove 2 hours from the Grand Rapids area here, with three goats in the back of our Expedition!

'fess up Friday

Dalyn over at is doing a giveaway to CSN stores for $55.  If you would like to be a part of it go to her blog and follow the directions.

As I am thinking about this, she is probably the very first blog I fell in love with (if that is possible) I remember her and her family were in a write up in a magazine and I was intrigued with her lifestyle.  Even today when I talk about the "goat chick" here at home (yes, I talk about my blog friends)  everyone knows who I am talking about!!

Now on to the fess-up part...This one isn't hard after my last post.  I am struggling through winter and homeschooling right now and thinking how much simpler life would be if all 5 were in school...only for a split second!! Then I realize how blessed I am, but right now it is still a struggle.  It is one of those things, wouldn't trade it for the world, but some days life would be easier:))

Now it's your turn go to her blog and follow the directions f…

Long Winter

Do you ever get the feeling that we as moms are sometimes the cause of the "bad house attitude"?  I have had one of those weeks.  I feel like I am just barely keeping my head above water.  We all go through these times.  We have had a severe cold snap here in Michigan the last few weeks.  For the first time in the 3 or 4 years that I have had my Expedition, I saw -14 on the in car thermometer leaving for church last weekend.  Now that is cold.  The negative temperatures along with the never-ending plague have caused some major attitudes in our home.  I am thankful that God gives me a fresh slate everyday and the ability to ask for forgiveness not only from Him, but also from my kiddos. 

I find myself at this time of year wondering how well they are doing in school and second guess my abilities to teach them what they need.  The question becomes, "What do they need?"  Do I need to judge what we do by the list of "government classes" they need to have?  Or…


First, let me start this post with how much I love my Hubby.  He truly works hard to make my jobs around here much easier.  With that being said there have been times when his brilliant ideas have turned into major headaches for me (and him) hence this post.  A few years back he decided to make my laundry job a lot easier and invested in a commercial size washing machine.  This was all wonderful and good, (hence the love for my Hubby), but we found out shortly after we got it that the really big, cool, washing machine, had a really big, not-so cool, computer for a brain and did really weird stuff.  I would really love to talk to the brilliant minds at the washing machine design shop (whose name shall remain nameless), as to why they put a "suds detection" error on any washing machine that will stop the load instantly, or a code that is for when "it" is just feeling out of sorts and not draining as quick as the computer thinks it should, so it too will stop the load…

My daughter's Blog

Our daughter's both started a blog last year to share and just put some fun things on.  Well our oldest is quite the artist and we are encouraging her to find some way to market her passion into something that can eventually be a source of income for her as she gets older.  She has slowly worked up to getting a few things on it. 

I just love the picture she has on there now.  It is one of her older brother's friend Jason, and it is just awesome (I know mom can say that), but she "caught" him so well in her picture.

She cartoons people, so she is trying to get the word out that if you would like to be "cartooned" to contact her!  Here is the link~!
Kays Kreations

Pygora Goats Coming to Tail Spin Farm

These are the three goats that we will be picking up at the end of the month.  I am so excited~

This is Claire, she was born last spring
 This is Robin, she was born this fall
 This is Tiger, he was also born this fall

Things are looking bright!

Well it looks like "the plague" is finally coming to an end here.  I am starting to feel human again and getting things done that have been pushed to the side the last week.  One good thing that came from me being sick was that we are in the process of getting bids to have our kitchen remodeled.  How did that happen?  Well after two days of poor hubby having to be in the kitchen doing meals and dishes (he was on vacation from his day job) he came to the conclusion that the kitchen was in such horrible shape that we really needed something done with it.  Two days later I had a contractor asking me what I want done!!  If I would have known that was all it would take I would have played sick years ago:))  LOL  I have been teasing Hubby about this for a couple of days, but in all seriousness, we have some major sink and floor issues with some water damage that just gets worse.  I kept telling him one of these days he is going to find me in the basement doing dishes from the floo…

Tail Spin Farm in Pictures

I have been inspired by fellow bloggers like Terri at Our Crazy Farm and Jenna at Cold Antler Farm who put a ton of beautiful pictures on their blog. My Dad is an awesome photographer and my Mother-in-love owns her own photography studio, I thought it was time to step up to the plate. We have been in the midst of "The Plague 2010" for the last four weeks. I am still feeling lousy, but sometimes there is nothing better than to go out in the morning, with a fresh layer of snow, to do chores and take some photos. That is exactly what I did this morning.

Sunday night supper

 Clean coop for the chickens to start out the new year
 One of the girls
 There is nothing better than getting eggs this least for me:)
 More girls
 Outside in the snow
 Tom turkey
 Turkeys are very curious creatures
 Our heritage breed turkey Christmas dinner...before
 After and no this is not one in the pictures above!
 Our decked out Christmas table
 Joshua's quilt from Grandma Joyce.  Now all o…