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Nesting ~ Friday on the Farm

Having the privilege of being a mama to five, both boys and girls, I have been able to be a "watcher" of their gender differences. Things that are a big deal to us girls, really doesn't matter to the life of a boy. I am extremely visual in everything I do, especially being creative. I decorate the house fitting to my personality. Hubby could really care less. Not that he doesn't care, but it truly is not on his radar. God created us so different. Now anyone who knew me 25 years ago would never guess that I love nesting. I love cooking, decorating, creating, cleaning, laundry...well may be that is going to far, but you get the idea. I truly believe God created ALL women with this gift. Some do it better than others, some are never able to find it within themselves.  I struggle with this idea, but we spent years in the foster care system taking in children and seeing first hand women who have not embraced this gift.

Now this doesn't mean boys don't get it. They…