Weekly Goals and Happenings

Having now spent all four seasons at the lake house we have learned that there is definitely a rhythm that happens. We are fortunate to be in a place that is mostly "weekenders" and there are less than 20 houses on the entire lake. Winter's here are peaceful and quiet. Docks come out in September and we don't see most people back until April or May. We also live on a chain of six lakes so summer traffic might include visitors from one of the other lakes but usually by 7-8 pm things quiet down.

With last week being July 4th we saw the busiest week of the year here. Most people spent the week at their cabins and what seems like never-ending fireworks went on for days. Now here Monday morning most people have left and we are back to our quiet days on the lake, which we love.

Our home

Fall across the lake
Spring sunrise
We love where we are at, even among the huge changes we have gone through to get here. This week brings a 16th birthday for our youngest (?!?!?!) and more changes for this mama who will finally retire her chauffeur license. He is also the last one left in our homeschool and I know the next two years are going to fly. 

Plans for this week include working on more jewelry to re-stock my etsy shop (link is in the menu bar to the left) and a local shop that I just started selling with and have already received a check from for June! I also hope to blog at least three times this week and keep it up at least weekly. I find I am happiest when I am creating something, anything, including writing or photography! Videos and possibly a youtube channel are in the works but that is way outside my comfort zone so we will see how far that plan gets. 

Blessings ~ Renee Lakehouse Farm Girl

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