Photo Friday

As I try to work my way back into regular blogging, I decided photos would be a great start. This is just a small window into the place we now call home. I think I started blogging regularly way back in 2005 (which just blows me away!) I have created a blog journal of life on the farm. I would like to start doing more of that here at the lake house. I have a TON of life to blog about right now that it almost overwhelms me. So much has changed in the year and a half since we moved here. Some bad, some good, but isn't that just how life seems to ebb and flow sometimes? We seem to be in a deep valley of change and difficult things we have been dealing with. But there are glimpses of joy (like becoming a grandma in January!)  mixed in and you realize life is good and blessed no matter what is happening around you.
Crocheted Necklace
I continue to raise angora rabbits (the goats and alpacas went to other farms when we moved) and am spinning, crocheting, knitting and creating
Angora Cuff Bracelet
Angora Necklace

My creation space
Future space of the rabbit colony

The rabbits are still in the garage...for now

The gardens are beautiful this year! I attribute it to the rabbit manure that goes on throughout the year. It works magic. I am thankful to be able to share the surplus with one of our neighbors here, as this was a concern in the smaller space we are now in.

Strawberry plant tower
A clash with lake house living~clothes drying in the sun

A place to relax

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