Friday on the Farm

We are back from our trip down south.  We had a great time!  The "plague" hit the three youngest here a home, so that put a damper on the trip for me trying to not worry about the kids here at home with poor Grandma's and Grandpa. The college visit was good, helping us to answer some questions about where Eldest might be next year.  We also went to North Carolina and stayed at Billy Graham's The Cove Retreat Center.  WOW is an understatement!  This place is amazing.  It is beautiful and very peaceful. We went here for a writers conference that Hubby was teaching a class at and the two oldest boys led in worship.  They all did a great job and the boys were a blessing to the whole thing.  The retreat center is in the middle of the woods and has lodges set up like hotels.  The room was beautiful, the food was top notch (it was hard to come home a cook:)).  We also were able to attend the conference classes, which were good for all of us.  I had written a children's book a few years back and I took it with me and had some editor's look at it.  They gave me some good advice and after I re-write some of it I may try my hand in getting it published.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things in the midst of the plague and hoping no one else gets it.  I am also trying to work on getting more of the farm products out there and how to market my handmade items.  I realize as much as I sometimes want to get away from technology, it can be helpful in getting my stuff out there.  I took a social media class and learned all kinds of marketing techniques.  The beauty of this is that all of the techniques work whether you are marketing a book or a handmade item.
Our Room

The sitting area in our lodge
The view
Back of the lodge
My boys
The mountains

Necklace in the shop

Alpaca hat

Angora hat

Alpaca and angora

another necklace for the shop

and another!

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